Members can apply for support and/or make a donation when paying their  annual ASCTA membership.

ASCTA CARES prides itself in provision of benevolence support to ASCTA members in their times of need. Money raised through ASCTA CARES at national and some state conventions in addition to donations from members has enabled ASCTA to reduce course fees for in cases of particular hardship.

Membership subsidies as per the ASCTA CARES Volunteer Coach Discount Policy for Volunteer Coach and Teacher members:

- Course subsidies of up to 60% reduction in the licencing costs for identified students/course situations that are unable to   afford the cost or for which the cost is an impediment.

- Member specific support on a case by case basis as approved by the board in the event of hardship.

ASCTA CARES is managed by ASCTA Vice-President Lynn Elliott, Swim School Manager Nancy Shaw and administered by ASCTA Office and administered by the General Manager, ASCTA Services.


There are many plans in place so ensure to make a tax deductible donation when renewing your membership! ASCTA CARES is very appreciative of member donations and the more funds raised, the more benefits to ASCTA members in time of need. Every cent raised directly supports ASCTA CARES.


ASCTA CARES Application Form: click here

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