Australia Swims Tool Kit - Teams

04 January 2019

Australia Swims is a movement to get Australia Swimming. It’s free to participate and anyone can pledge to swim distances from 50m to 100 kms over the 10-days. This this year it’s a team challenge with an associated cause, as collectively we try swim 35,877KM – a virtual lap around Australia.

  • Australia Swims is a 10-day celebration of swimming – January 19-28, 2019
  • This year Australians can pledge their swimming distances by joining a team and contribute to swimming a virtual lap around Australia
  • Eight teams connecting their swim tribe – aiming to swim 35,877KM’s (one lap around Australia)
  • Swimfluencers act as team captains inspiring their team (the nation) to greatness
  • Each team is partnered with a cause
  • No donations are required and pledging your swim distance is completely free
  • Australia Swims celebrates our love of the water and the aim is to encourage participation
  • Anyone can do it and there are no age or ability barriers

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