ASCTA Aquatic Supervisor

Upon successful completion of the Aquatic Supervisor course you will have an increased ability to apply self-reflection techniques to improve your workplace skills and to plan and implement a personalised professional development plan. You will also have the skills to identify your current and future work priorities by developing a workplace strategic plan.

This course covers the 14 units of the Certificate III in Aquatics and Recreation including providing quality customer service, responding to emergency situations, identifying risks, organising work priorities and communicating effectively.

Units of Competency

This course covers the 14 Units within the Certificate III of Aquatics and Recreation:

Prerequisite Units

Option 1: Course students must hold or obtain the following qualifications in addition to completing the below E-Learning and Face to Face (or Virtual) Workshop Units of Competency:

First Aid + Swim Australia Teacher + Swim Australia Teacher of Babies & Toddlers

  • HLTAID003         Provide First Aid
  • SISCAQU002     Perform Basic Water Rescues
  • SISCAQU008     Instruct Water Familiarisation, Buoyancy and Mobility Skills
  • SISCAQU009     Instruct Water Safety and Survival Skills
  • SISCAQU010     Instruct Swimming Strokes
  • SISCAQU011     Promote Development of Infants and Toddlers in an Aquatic environment

Option 2: Course students must hold or obtain the following Qualifications in addition to completing the below E-Learning and Face to Face (or Virtual) Workshop Units of Competency:

First Aid + Pool Lifeguard

  • HLTAID003         Provide First Aid
  • SISCAQU002     Perform Basic Water Rescues
  • PUAEME001B    Provide Emergency Care
  • PUAEME003C    Administer Oxygen in an Emergency Situation
  • SISCAQU006      Supervise Clients in Aquatic Locations
  • SISCAQU007      Perform Advanced Water Rescues

E-Learning Resources

  • BSBREK401       Identify risk and apply risk management processes
  • SISXIND001       Work effectively in sport, fitness and recreation environments
  • SISXCCS001      Provide quality service
  • BSBWOR301     Ogranise personal work priorities and development

                                     Approximately 100 hours

Face to Face Workshop

  • SISXCAI003       Conduct non-instructional sport, fitness or recreation session
  • SISXEMR001     Respond to emergency situations
  • SISXRES002      Educate user groups
  • SFICOMP205B  Communicate effectively in cross-cultural environments

                                     Approximately 4 hours

Course Structure

After completion of all online Units of Competency you will be provided with a Theory Acknowledgement. You will then be welcome to attend the Practical Induction workshop (either face-to-face or via Zoom webinar) of your course which focuses on transitioning you from theory to hands on practical experience.

Students have up to 12 months to complete this course but may be accredited sooner should they have completed and submitted all course requirements.

Accreditation Requirements

Completion of

  • Online Theory Modules
  • Practical Workshop Induction (Virtual or face-to-face delivery)
  • Competency Assessment

You may enroll in an ASCTA Aquatic Supervisor course at 17 years of age.

Once this qualification has been attained, there are no renewal requirements

Certification | Accreditation

Students who have successfully completed this course will receive an electronic ASCTA Aquatic Supervisor certificate along with a Statement of Attainment listing the above competencies. 


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