ASCTA College

asctaCOLLEGE is a progressive, industry specific, education program within a VET regulated system which provides swimming Coaches and swimming and water safety Teachers with the knowledge and resources required to professionally develop themselves and the organisation in which they operate.

asctaCOLLEGE aims to proactively promote greater interaction throughout every stage of a Teacher or Coach’s professional development and incorporates the latest information and most up to date methods relevant to the practical application of coaching and teaching principles.

Not only will Teachers and Coaches have the ability to continue their journey along the Swimming Australia Coach Accreditation Pathway they will now have access to a vast array of world class Learner Resources, specifically designed to create truly outstanding practitioners throughout our sport.

Benefits to our Students

asctaCOLLEGE will enhance a Student’s ability to:

·      Confidently and effectively operate within the swimming environment

·      Proactively develop a club or swim school into a self-sustainable and profitable organisation

·      Be formally recognised for their input and dedication to the sport through VET qualifications

·      Demonstrate their ability to meet experiential, performance and professional development requirements, relevant to our industry

·      Become Leaders within the Aquatics Industry

·      Develop professional support networks and drive stronger relationships between mentors and mentees

·      Pro-actively engage and professionally educate every member of their community on the fantastic sport of swimming

Aquatic professionals across Australia are regarded as some of the most knowledgeable in the world. For years they have proudly produced elite level athletes in facilities that range from small backyard pools to large multi-million dollar centres. A driven, innovative and passionate swim Teacher or Coach should strive to create an exciting, motivational and challenging environment, where every single participant has the opportunity to achieve their true potential.

ASCTA recognises that the aquatics environment is ever-changing and wants to encourage all of its members to think more strategically about their professional development by providing them with the education that is going to facilitate that process throughout their career.


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