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Australia has a 4 tier swimming coaching system. Issued Coach Licences recognise combined theory knowledge and practical competency with an agreement to a Code of Behaviour, a nationwide criminal record check, Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association membership and ongoing professional development. International courses and course attendees from overseas have a modified set of requirements, but must meet the Australian requirements to coach in Australia. It is expected that all coaches from Bronze level or above will mentor lower level coaches and that one potential role of any coach is to assist,under guidance, higher level coaches.

It is recommended that the coaching pathway usually commences by gaining a Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming (SAT CS)accreditation or similar.  This can be gained via attendance at a SAT CS course or through application for SAT CS Recognition of Current Competency (RCC). This accreditation level has previously also been known as a Junior Squad and Assistant Coach or Green Licence Coach. (This was changed, as a Coach in the true sense, trains energy systems.)

RCC Applications are available for each coaching tier to those who may possess some or all of the skills required.

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Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming has the competence to teach junior Swimmers (i.e. Swimmers 12-years and younger) who are in the early stages of the competitive swimming development (advanced learn to swim, mini squads, junior squads and recreational swimming squads) and/or assist a suitably qualified and licenced Coach in the delivery of competitive swimming programs for age group (i.e. 13-18 years) and open Swimmers (training squads).

Bronze Licence Coach will focus on promoting participation in competitive swimming, developing a broader range of skills and techniques for Club swimmers, encouraging swimmers to compete at district level and above all, encourage participation, swimming for fun, play and skills and a safe swimming environment.

For a comparison between the Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming and the Bronze Licence course, please click here.

Silver Licence Coach will focus on benchmarking, education and continuous improvement, promoting participation in competitive swimming at Country, State and above-level competitions, striving for performance and enjoyment to compete, development of the Club information, education and resources and business development of membership and participation.

Gold Licence Coach will focus on promoting participation in competitive swimming at Age and Open National level competitions, striving for performance, development of the Club, information, education and resources, development of swimmers for high performance achievements and National Team selection, benchmarking, education and continuous improvement.

Platinum Coach is a Gold Licence coach who has the competence to undertake coaching duties as a member of a senior Australian team at a major international swim met.



Swim Australia Teacher and NCAS SAL Coach Accreditation is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. 

A reminder is sent by post between 4-8 months prior to expiration of accreditation.  Further reminders are sent by email upon expiry if a Teacher or Coach has not renewed. Conditions for renewal are based on the level of accreditation held.


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