ASCTA and SAL Coaching Statement

Dear Swimming Community

In 2016 the coach accreditation framework was redesigned to align with the International Sport Coaching Framework and make it specific for Australian swimming coaches.

Following changes to the bronze course, we have been working with Victoria University to redevelop the silver and gold courses. These courses will include 17 units that will be delivered using a combination of online learning and face to face workshops. Candidates will complete four core units and three electives, providing an individually tailored learning experience. SAL and ASCTA are piloting the first six units at the 2018 asctaCONVENTION in May.

The new silver and gold courses will be in pilot mode from March 2018 with a projected full launch of the new courses in January 2019. Coaches will be able to complete units individually for professional development throughout the pilot.

Between now and the launch in 2019 a new Coaching Strategy will be developed to inform the direction of coaching in Australia. It is critical we get this right so SAL and ASCTA will be working together to create and implement this strategy with our various partners. The Strategy will be released in mid-2018.

This is an exciting time with new opportunities and a commitment to collaboration that will ensure coaches across Australia have access to world class education, development, recognition and support from ASCTA and SAL together.


Who will this affect?

All current and prospective swimming coaches in Australia wishing to undertake further education and professional development to advance their career in coaching.

How will it affect coaches?

Coaches will be able to undertake silver and gold courses via a combination of online learning and face to face workshops. Assessment will be a combination of online quizzes, attendance at and contribution to workshops, post-workshop reflections in the home club/squad environment, and completion of practical hours. The detail of these are currently being finalised.

When will the changes start to appear?

The new coaching strategy will be released in the middle of 2018. The pilot of the first few silver and gold units is underway through the ASCTA Convention, and coaches will be able to get involved in this via registration for the Convention. Enrolment details will be shared in March to those registered for the Convention. The remaining units will be piloted throughout 2018 via State ASCTA Conferences with a view to launching the new courses and all units in January 2019.

What if I already have my gold/silver coaching accreditation?

Your existing level of accreditation will still be recognised.

Can I re-do the course? / do I need to re-do the courses?

If you already hold coaching accreditation you don’t have to re-do a course, but you will need to continue to do professional development to gain points for re-accreditation as per the current system.

What if I have already commenced a silver course?

If a coach has already started the silver course under the old criteria, they will have the option of either finishing under that criteria or transferring to the new course.

Will my performance achievement still be recognised?

Yes. Existing levels of accreditation will still be recognised and there will continue to be celebration of performance achievements.

Will performance achievement be required to achieve silver and gold accreditation in the future?

The new accreditation does not include ‘performance criteria’ to progress through the courses. However, ASCTA and SAL are having ongoing discussions about a model of recognition alongside the accreditation pathway that ensures the performance, education and practical professional development are the priority.

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