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From 1 January 2015, under the Australian Government’s Student Identifiers Act 2014, all Registered Training Organisations are only permitted to issue a VET qualification if a Course Student has a student identifier.

All current ASCTA course enrolments now request the Course Student’s USI and additionally provide details of where and how to gain a USI.

All Course Students who attended courses prior to 31 December 2014 have been advised of the additional USI requirement and details of how to provide a USI to ASCTA.

All ASCTA Course Students should supply their USI when completing their enrolment. All Course Students of courses prior to 31 December are required to provide a USI prior to VET qualifications being issued.

By having a USI, Course Students will be keeping all their training records and results together in an online account. A range of benefits follows from this. To find out more go to Students page

 ASCTA offer the following information to further assist Course Students:

Australian Students in Australia

To create a USI (www.usi.gov.au) make sure that you have one acceptable form of ID ready.


International students in Australia

If you are an international student studying in Australia with an RTO you will need a USI. All international students in Australia will have been issued with an Australian Visa. This will let you use your passport as proof of ID when creating your USI.


International students studying offshore

If you are an international student studying offshore and do not have an Australian passport, Australian entry visa or other Australian proof of ID required to create a USI, you do not need a USI. This applies also to New Zealand citizens.


Australian students offshore

If you are an Australian student studying offshore with an Australian training organisation you will be able to create a USI following the normal process.


New Zealand students

If you hold a New Zealand passport and you intend to come to Australia, you will not be able to create a USI until you have entered Australia. You cannot apply for a USI using your New Zealand passport while you are still in New Zealand. This is because New Zealand citizens do not require a visa to enter Australia and so we have no proof of your ID until your passport is recorded when your enter Australia.


Should further assistance be required please go to the USI help centre

  • USI RTO BULLETIN - 2019/03
  • This bulletin includes: 

    • Making Privacy More Transparent – Sixth edition of TRANSPARENT now available
    • USI Creations
    • We are building a better USI website – USI Beta website

    Making Privacy More Transparent – Sixth edition of TRANSPARENT now available

    The next edition of our privacy e-newsletter, TRANSPARENT, is now available on the USI website.

    This newsletter is the second of a two-part series about personal information security. This part focuses on how RTOs can strengthen personal information security through the use of physical security controls and ICT protections, such as:

    • Access controls
    • Restricting administrative access
    • User logging and monitoring of audit logs
    • Third party providers (including cloud computing)
    • Destruction or de-identification of personal information

    Share this information with your ICT staff and SMS Developers. Talk to them if you have any questions regarding your organisation’s security controls.

    Read the March 2019 edition now.

    All editions of TRANSPARENT can be accessed anytime on the USI website. There is no need to subscribe to TRANSPARENT. As long as you and your enrolment, USI creation, verification and data reporting staff have subscribed to the USI RTO Bulletin – you will automatically receive notification of each new edition of TRANSPARENT via the Bulletin.

    USI Creations

    Some students are being referred to the USI Office by their RTO for USI creations. The USI Office cannot create a USI for a student over the phone.

    Students who are having difficulty creating a USI using the online self-service option can submit a Help Request from the USI website. The USI Office can then assist students in processing their applications.

    We are building a better USI website – USI Beta website

    Just in case you missed the Special USI Bulletin in March, the USI Beta website is live and will continue to run in conjunction with our current website. The new Beta website is an improved version of our current website. The layout is based on user feedback with improved navigation to lead to faster transactions.

    Early indications are that users are spending less than half the time on the home page and the transactional pages that support creation. You will also find time savings looking for information, so jump on and try it out. If you see something that you think can be improved please let us know by using the feedback button.

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