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Building Business Conference 2020

29 September 2020

Building Business Conference offers a powerhouse of information to power your growth and keep you

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ASCTA PD - Debby Tattoli - Behaviour Management in Swim Classes

25 September 2020

An easy way to manage the behaviour in a lesson is to keep the swimmers so busy that they are una

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PD Webinar: Michael Piper - Race Pace Training Sets

23 September 2020

Michael Piper has over 30 years of international swim coaching experience and achievements, inclu

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PD Webinar: Keenan Robinson - Strength and Conditioning for Age Group Swimmers

12 August 2020

'The key to training age-groupers is not to train them for a specific event, but to train them to

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PD Webinar: Debbie Bradley - Rebuilding your brand post-COVID

05 August 2020

Swim School owners, operators, managers and sole-trading teachers and coaches will benefit from t

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Professional Development Webinar - From Mini Squad to World Record Holder, The Minna Atherton Story

15 July 2020

David Lush - Olympic & Platinum Coach Wednesday 15th July - 1:00pm AEST Premium ASCTA Membe

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Learn to Swim Webinar - Aquaphobia

08 July 2020

Mike Burman Wednesday 8th July - 1:00pm - 2:00pm AEST Open to all ASCTA Member

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Learn to Swim Webinar - Swim Australia Training Hub

01 July 2020

Swim Australia Swim Schools - Australian based Wednesday 1st July - 1:00pm AEST Partnering with

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New Catalogue of ASCTA PD Opportunities

30 June 2020

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Learn to Swim Webinar - Photography Tips for Swim Schools, Swim Teachers and the Introduction of Professional Photography

24 June 2020

Joanne Slaughter Owner of Puddle Pics Underwater Photography Wednesday 24th June - 1:00pm - 2:0

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Coaching Webinar - Video Analysis of Freestyle Pull

23 June 2020

Abbie Fish - Founder/Technique Coach Swim Like A.

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Learn to Swim Webinar - Panel of Swim School Owners Q&A

17 June 2020

Susie McKeon (NSW), Alena Sarri (ACT), Karen Baildon (QLD), Warren Earfurth (VIC) Panel of Swim

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Coaching Webinar - Looking into the Future

16 June 2020

By Barry Prime - Coach and Club Development Officer Swimming Queensland Tuesday 16th June - 1:0

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Coaching Webinar - by Tracey Menzies Stegbauer

09 June 2020

By Tracey Menzies Stegbauer - Australian Olympic Coach and Head Coach Rackleys-Parkinson Topic t

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Learn to Swim Webinar - Non Negotiables in LTS

03 June 2020

By Debby Tattoli - Head Coach: KD and Owner/Manager: 5 Star Swim Schools Swim Australia Advisory

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